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We provide integrated O&M Services with performance monitoring and PR & Availability guarantees.

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We have developed a 100MW Solar park under an MOU with the Government of Rajasthan. One of India's largest private utilities is developing 50MW.
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We provide our expertise for Solar Project Development, Clean Energy and Regulatory Matters.

Assumptions for cost of energy from Rooftop Solar Vs Grid Electricity in Hyderabad

solar vs grid for 100kw hyd 806x393

  1. Grid electricity cost is Rs 9.38 per unit(including fixed demand charges) and escalates at 3% p.a
  2. DG electricity cost is Rs 15 per unit and escalates at 3% p.a and it constitutes 10% of energy mix for next 5 years
  3. Interest cost of 12.5% p.a considered on the diminishing invested amount assuming that savings and REC revenues pay for investment
  4. O&M cost is about 2% and escalates at 3% p.a and Insurance cost is 0.5% of the plant cost on depreciated cost/ WDV
  5. Generation from solar is simulated with PVSyst software using Meteonorm solar radiation datasets for Hyderabad
  6. Solar generation degrades by 0.5% per year.
  7. Renewable Energy Credits (REC) sales revenue is Rs 3.5 per unit until 2017 and Rs 1.5 per unit thereafter for 3 years
  8. Excise / customs duty drawback credit is about 5% of the plant cost
  9. As REC credits have been considered, the project is not eligible for 15% subsidy from central government and hence not accounted.

Shri Shakti Alternative Energy Ltd (SSAEL), is a part of the Shri Shakti Group, Hyderabad, with over a decade of experience in the field of Clean energy, Consulting and Solar Project Development.

SSAEL has executed projects for World Bank, UNIDO, GVEP, kfW, IREDA and were Consultants to RERC.

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