CSP Biomass Hybrid

A smart solution to improve the economics of struggling Biomass Power Projects

While traditional solar power facilities need to employ expensive energy storage techniques to ensure continuous operation in all weather conditions, the biomass hybrid configuration has eliminated that need. Whenever there is not enough direct sunlight to generate solar power, biomass power generation capacity can be brought online, enabling the continuous production of electricity, even at night, when the sun isn’t shining.

There are 300 Biomass Power projects in India ranging from 3 MW to 25 MW which have been either shut down or operating partially on account of shortage of biomass. The economics of these biomass plants can be improved with increased capacity utilisation factor by adding CSP power through solar steam to the existing power block.

 csp biomass


CSP-biomass hybrids have potential as an alternative to thermal energy storage in locations where long hours of power generation are required, and to ensure consistency of energy supply for industrial processes and power generation. Hybridisation can reduce CST cost by making greater use turbine and generator plant which is a large portion of CST plant cost.

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