Solar For Electric vehicles

A path breaking approach to sustainable urban and rural transportation

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Electric Bikes and Cars – are the Future of Transportation 


Solar Power for Mobility is Sustainable, displaces fossil fuels and abates pollution.

Our hypothesis is that India can target more than 100GW solar easily if solar isused for charging electric vehicles.

Displacing petrol with solar is important as India imports 80%of its oil and

uses 50% of the export earnings for oil imports! We should reduce dependency

on imported fossil fuels for transportation and decrease the urban air pollution

by encouraging the use of solar power for mobility (electric cars, bikes and bicylces). 

We should plan solar charging stations in ‘smart cities’ to begin with, and in  

rural areas and along the highways in due course.


MNRE can initiate a new policy to reduce dependency on imported fossil fuels for transportation and reduce urban air pollution by encouraging the use of solar power for mobility (electric cars, bikes and bicylces) through solar charging stations in 'smart cities' to begin with, and in rural areas and along the highways in due course.
Multiple stakeholders (car manufacturers, electric scooter and bicyle manufacturers, battery manufacturers, solar EPC companies and solar IPPs, oil companies, municipal corporations etc) have to come together to create the infrastructure and eco system of products and services needed for charging electric vehicles with solar power. We can plan capacity addition in 100s of GW by harnessing solar for charging electric vehicles besides reducing need for oil imports and avoiding urban air pollution.

Shri Shakti Alternative Energy Ltd (SSAEL), is a part of the Shri Shakti Group, Hyderabad, with over a decade of experience in the field of Clean energy, Consulting and Solar Project Development.

SSAEL has executed projects for World Bank, UNIDO, GVEP, kfW, IREDA and were Consultants to RERC.

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