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Financing India’s Solar Revolution: Opportunities and Challenges – Webinar by SolarPlaza

My presentation starts with two big questions

1) Can India achieve the target of adding 100,000MW by 2022 ?

2) Can the Hon'ble Minister Piyush Goyal deliver when he says "I want to kill 10 birds with one stone" ?

In the poll conducted after my presentation, majority i.e 48% of the audience thought that Mr Piyush Goyal is likely to do that, with 12% who needed more information and the rest thought it was unlikely. Overall, that's a good sign for Solar India.

I hear people saying 60GW utility solar may be possible but 40GW of Solar Rooftops may be difficult in India, but we don't have to copy Germany or Japan and rely on rooftops alone. A large part of the agri pumpsets load of 100,000MW, which in rural areas that are far from generating stations, can go partly off grid and partly served through distributed solar generation at feeder level. India's neighbor Bhutan has introduced Nissan Leaf to use it's cheap hydro power for EVs and avoid importing petrol / diesel from India. India can use Solar for charging EVs . After all, India's appetite for Gold imports and Oil are the main culprits for our Balance of Payments problems. 50% of forex earned through exports goes for importing oil and India imports 80% of its oil requirement. That's a great reason to rely on Solar.

I am sure with so many solar options India can do not just 100GW but the 575GW projected by IEA by 2050.

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Friday, 24 May 2024

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