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D V Satya Kumar

575GW Solar PV by 2050 in India is possible as per IEA Solar Roadmap 2014

​Indian Government has a target of 100GW by 2022 though the total installed capacity by 2014 was only 3GW. Most people are either skeptical or feel overwhelmed by this target. I feel 100GW is very well possible especially because of the figures worked out by IEA in their Solar PV Roadmap 2014. As per IEA's roadmap, India is likely to install 142GW ...
D V Satya Kumar

Reflections on 2014 by Satya and Shri Shakti Alternative Energy Ltd

​The New Year 2015 is already here and having been tardy in sending out greetings, I decided to write a blog on the year that went past.Mid year in 2014, we got a new Government with its new policies and promises for change to meet the hopes and development aspirations of 1.3billion people. Six months later, I ponder over the progress made by Shri ...
D V Satya Kumar

2014 will be known as the year that changed solar industry in India forever

​2014 in India – an election that changed the course and destiny of the country. A new government, new hopes and new vistas. New policies, new programs and a promise for change that will carry India to greater heights so that we can hold our heads high as Indians.A fivefold increase in solar target to 100GW, 25GW of solar parks, amendments to the E...
D V Satya Kumar

Reduce your Energy Cost & meet your CSR obligations

​Reduce your Energy Cost & meet your CSR obligationsCorporate Social Responsibility signifies the integration of a Company's business objectives with environmental and social objectives. Under the Companies Act 2013, certain classes of profitable entities are required to contribute at least two per cent of their three-year annual average net pr...
D V Satya Kumar

Solar Roadmap to meet the increasing power requirements in Telangana.

​The new State of Telangana is facing an acute power crises. Industries are having power holidays of up to 1 or 2 days a week. The State wants to attract Industries for the development of the backward areas and maintain the growth of the IT industry in Hitec City and Hyderabad. AnMoU has been signed with Chattisgarh Government for supply of 1000MW ...

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