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Sai Sindhura Mamillapalli

Solar pump sets present a huge business opportunity

​Following up from the previous post, insights from KPMG report's analysis shows that there is huge business opportunity in Solar pump sets area. Agriculture stands as a main occupation of the majority of population in India with water pumped from ground being the main source of irrigation. Of the installed pump sets, diesel occupies the major...
D V Satya Kumar

Rising Sun 3.0 - Disruption on the Horizon, Report by KPMG India

KPMG has released its third report on Indian Solar market in November 2015. The last one year has been truly tumultuous for solar in India with exponential growth in the market and multifold increase in targets. The timing of the release of the report is good as the dust has settled down after the policy and target announcements by the...
D V Satya Kumar

It is not just 100GW Solar target, positive macroeconomics beckon investors to India

The target of 100,000MW for solar generation by 2022, announced by the Indian Government, has attracted unprecedented interest from national and international investors. The investors, many of whom are completely new to power sector, were attracted by the long term Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) and short gestation time for the proje...
D V Satya Kumar

The Tipping Point in Solar PV Market Transformation in India

I recently wrote blog that was published in SolarPlaza, titled 'India – A Renewed and Resurgent National Solar Mission'.In this article, I have analyzed that Solar PV Markets in India are witnessing a dramatic transformation which can be attributed to the following main reasons:1) Appointment of Shri Piyush Goyal as the Hon'ble Ministe...
D V Satya Kumar

Swaminomics is completely wrong on 100,000MW Solar

Swaminathan Aiyar has made a colossal mistake in saying '100,000MW of costly solar power can sink 'Make in India' in his blog in Times of India dt 5/7/2015. He has got all the facts on solar wrong. I had great respect for him as an economist but his comments on economics of solar makes me wonder if he has done any groundwork at all. Even the die ha...

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