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Satya Kumar has an impressive track of more than 30 years of work experience, 17 years devoted to project management of Solar Power and Clean Energy. Satya is the Founder and Managing Director of Shri Shakti Alternative Energy Ltd, a clean energy consulting and solutions company. He has handled various consultancy projects for UNIDO, UNICEF, ADB and The World Bank. His wide-range of expertise in Solar Power Plant projects include its full scale implementation, project development, financial closure , assessment studies and reports, determination of tariff for solar power plants, project evaluation, policy analysis and feasibility reports, among others. Apart from his Mechanical Engineering degree, Satya obtained a Master of Science in Industrial and Management Engineering from the University of Iowa in USA. He was also a Chevening Gurukul Scholar at the prestigious London School of Economics. His experience spans across various countries such as India, USA, UK, Bangladesh, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, China, Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda and Tanzania. Linkedin Profile  
D V Satya Kumar

Swaminomics is completely wrong on 100,000MW Solar

Swaminathan Aiyar has made a colossal mistake in saying '100,000MW of costly solar power can sink 'Make in India' in his blog in Times of India dt 5/7/2015. He has got all the facts on solar wrong. I had great respect for him as an economist but his comments on economics of solar makes me wonder if he has done any groundwork at all. Even the die ha...
D V Satya Kumar

Mr Piyush Goyal says “I want to Kill 10 Birds with One Stone.” Can he do it?

SolarPlaza organized a Webinar Financing India's Solar Revolution: Opportunities and Challenges where I was one of the Speakers. You can watch my presentation at the webinar recording here or you can download the slides of my presentation . My presentation covered two big questions : 1) Can India develop 100GW Solar by 2022? and 2. Can...
D V Satya Kumar

Financing India’s Solar Revolution: Opportunities and Challenges – Webinar by SolarPlaza

My presentation starts with two big questions1) Can India achieve the target of adding 100,000MW by 2022 ?2) Can the Hon'ble Minister Piyush Goyal deliver when he says "I want to kill 10 birds with one stone" ?In the poll conducted after my presentation, majority i.e 48% of the audience thought that Mr Piyush Goyal is likely to do that...
D V Satya Kumar

India Utility Solar Pipeline 2015 on a Collaborative Spreadsheet

In 2014, India has set a target of 100GW of utility solar by 2022, a five fold increase in the earlier target of 20GW when JNNSM was launched in 2010. It is no doubt an audacious target considering that India has commissioned only 3GW of utility solar project by 2014. But, considering that China is adding over 15GW per year and Japan i...
D V Satya Kumar

How dollar denominated PPAs could help Indian Solar market?

Debt servicing accounts for 50% of the cost of the solar energy when the weighted average cost of capital (WACC) is 9%. This is illustrated in the graph below which is a part of the Solar PV Roadmap 2014, prepared by International Energy Agency (IEA).In India, with interest rates of 13% and equity reckoned at 16% post tax, the WACC is ...

Shri Shakti Alternative Energy Ltd (SSAEL), is a part of the Shri Shakti Group, Hyderabad, with over a decade of experience in the field of Clean energy, Consulting and Solar Project Development.

SSAEL has executed projects for World Bank, UNIDO, GVEP, kfW, IREDA and were Consultants to RERC.

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